Save time - we take care of everything concerning work permits and visas.

Felt 1.000 forms, regulations and requirements have to be considered for international work permits. The entry conditions change dynamically.

Why do you want to spend time working your way through it when there are experienced specialists available?


Whether your stay is shorter or longer: we take care of the formalities and meetings for you - and know the one or other shortcut that we will use for you.

averto - We move expats.  



Whether long or short stay, whether single or with family: we organize it for your expats.


No matter whether you are planning a short or long-term stay in Germany for your employee, an employee comes alone or with his family:

the residence regulations are complex and your responsibility as an employer must be taken into account accordingly.


We are your competent contact for all questions about applying for the right visa or work- and residence permit.


What are we going to do?


1. In the first step we check the requirements that your employee has, such as school leaving certificate or curriculum vitae. But we also check whether what you are offering - for example job description or salary - fits.


2. We then determine the most efficient way to apply for a work- and residence permit.


3. We take over the pre-filling of the required forms and follow up with authorities to find out the current state of affairs. Until your employee ...

4. ... has the legal basis to legally work for you.

Our services are:

  • Business Visa


  • Work permit and residence permit with an expat contract 

  • Work permit and residence permit with a local employment contract

  • Work permit and residence permit for short-term assignments


  • Extension of work permit and residence permit


  • Applying for a family reunification visa


  • A1 application


We are happy to get in touch with you.

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Phone, international: +49-241-9809360


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